May News

  • Field Day will take place on Monday, May 22nd.  This is an all day event and we need lots of extra hands to help make this a successful day for the kids.  We are still in need of parents to work each station.  Activities will be held both at the school and nearby at Glendale Park. We have a group of parents working on the planning committee.  If you would like to volunteer and have not been contacted, please email Mrs. Shaffer at
  • Elections for next year will be held all day via ballot box on May 2. The ballot will be place din Third Base in the cafeteria until 5:30pm.
  • Thank you to all parents, staff and students for a successful Spring Carnival. The students had a great time! Activities like this are not possible without your help!
  • We will be planning next year's calendar on May 24th. If you have any ideas for events or fundraisers that you would like presented to the PTOP Executive Board, please email Mrs. Shaffer.
  • The volunteer breakfast will be held on Wednesday, May 24th.

April News

  • A Spring Carnival Night will be held on April 27.  Each classroom will need volunteers to help with their classroom activity.  If you can help out, please contact your home parent or teacher.  Watch for more details on the fun games and mark your calendar to plan to come out!
  • Field Day will take place on May 22. We always need lots of volunteers to plan and prepare games ahead of time.  We will also need people to help the day of the events too.  Please contact a PTO member if you can help make this a fun day for the kids.
  • Elections - There will NOT be a year PTO meeting for elections. Elections this year will take place all day on May 2.  A ballot box will made available until 5:30 pm on May 2.  During school hours, it will be in the office. At 3:00pm, it will be moved to Third Base.
  • Birthday lunch has been changed to April 7 due to COSI being at Montrose on April 21.

March News

  • The Valentine's Social was a great success! Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help with the event.
  • The PTO Board will meet on March 7th
  • The Krispy Kreme Donut fundraiser will begin on Monday, March 13. We will be selling certificates. More information will be sent home closer to the date.
  • The following PTO Board positions will be open for the 2017-2018 school year: President and Secretary.  Two parent positions on the LSIC will be open.  The nomination form is attached to the March Newsletter.  NOTE - there will NOT be a PTO meeting on May 2nd.  Voting will take place via a ballot box that will be made available from 7:20am - 5:30pm.

February News

  • The PTO board will meet on February 7th
  • Yearbook order forms were sent home last month and are due early March.
  • Elections - The following PTO board positions will be open for the next school year: President, Secretary, Parent Volunteer Coordinator and two Parent Positions on the LSIC.  The nomination form is attached to the February newsletter.  Elections will take place on May 2nd all day and evening.

December News

  • The PTO Board will meet on December 6th.
  • Volunteers will be needed for Santa's Shop - More information will be sent home.
  • Yearbook Ads - will be sold beginning in January. More information will be sent home.

November News

  • The art Original Works fundraiser orders and payments are due November 1st.  Orders will be returned in time for the holidays.
  • The profit from the T-shirt fundraiser was $1,070 and the profit from Family Fun Night was $1,500.
  • Thank you to everyone that sold Entertainment books.  We had 47 students who qualified for the WV Mobile Gaming Truck. It will be here on Thursday, November 10th from 8:30am - 11:30am.
  • We received a check from Kroger for $1,381 for the last quarter.  If you haven't connected your card, please try and take the time to do that. Contact Mrs. Shaffer if you have any questions.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended the McTeacher Night.  It was a huge success.

October News

  • The PTO Board will meet on October 4th
  • Budget Update - Your participation at Family Fun Night helped raise close to $1,500 toward our budget.  We are totaling the amount from the Entertainment Book sale and will have that next month.  Please email Trina Shaffer is you have questions at
  • The next big fundraiser this year will be the Original Works Art fundraiser.  It will begin October 25th.  Details about how to order items with your student's art work printed on them will be sent home and all orders will be due November 1st.  These items would make great Christmas gifts so be sure to participate and help raise money for our budget.
  • Please remember all of the ways you can help raise funds for our school. Every little bit helps support our staff and students
    • Link your Kroger Plus Card to Montrose Elementary School.
    • Send in BoxTops for Education
    • Support our new activity, McTeacher Night, on October 20th.

 September News

Kroger Card Fundraiser – We have 300 families, just think if we all linked our Kroger Plus Cards. If you haven’t already done so, please link your Kroger Plus Card our school. At the Community Rewards page, sign-in to your Kroger Card and go to "Account Settings". Once there, click Enroll and then type "Montrose" on the search box.  Select Montrose for your Community Rewards and click to finalize your selection.  You must re-enroll your community rewards every year.

  • The next PTO Executive Board Meeting will be on September 6th at 2:30.
  • Grandparents' Lunch will be on September 8th.
  • Watch for information on the Entertainment Book Book Sale on September 9th.
  • Family Fun Night will be on September 15th from 6:00 - 7:30. Each classroom will host an activity for the kids to enjoy.  We'll ned volunteers to sign up for this committee to help plan activities and parents from each classroom will also need to plan the activity they will host.



PTO Members

President: Trina Shaffer

Vice President: Leah Sparks

Secretary: Lisa Harless

Treasurer: Bridget Hinamon

Principal: Julie Hedge

Teacher: Lynn Greter

Teacher: Becky Rush/Yvonne Martin

Homeroom Mother Chair: Nicole McCormick

Volunteer Parent: Laura Johnson

Recycling Coordinator: Mandy Shirley

Yearbook Coordinator: Michelle Coleman


Mandy Shirley/ Chair - Community Rep.

April Harless - Parent/ Chair

Jason Webb - Parent

Karen Haught/ Secretary = Secretary

Julie Hedge - Principal

Becky Rush - Teacher

Patti Hickman - Teacher

Krystal Lanham - Teacher

Michelle Shomo - Interventionist

Dianne Long - Service

Nancy Ward - Service