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The Montrose Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

Montrose Elementary Mission Statement

Montrose Elementary will provide  a world class education  that ensures success for every student as they prepare for career and college readiness.Montrose is a community school where leaders are born.

Vision and Belief

At Montrose, we believe all students can achieve.  The school should be safe, caring and nurturing. Parents and community members are our partners in learning.  Each students should reflect the Montrose Pledge: Today I will do my best to be the best.  I will listen. I will respect the rights of others.  I can learn. I will learn.  What I do today will make a difference. 

Strategic Plan - Goals

1) All students in grades 3-5 will complete a technology project that demonstrates fluent writing, proper use of Cyber Safety, and Next Generation Standards.


2) At-risk students in grades 3-5 will demonstrate an increase in mastery in math, problem solving, reading comprehension, higher level thinking and writing skills.


3) Students will be taught ways to overcome daily academic and personal problems.